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Step into the future of agency operations with the BizWith.AI Agency Program. Specifically designed for agencies, consultants, and service providers, our program enables you to leverage generative AI to scale your marketing content services, offering unparalleled value to your clients, while simultaneously boosting your bottom line.


Scale Your Services,
Boost Your Profits,
And Empower Your Clients.

AI-Driven Content Creation

Create unique, plagiarism-free content, images, voice overs and transcriptions in a matter of seconds. From blog posts to social media captions, let our AI do the heavy lifting.

AI-Powered Social Media Management

Keep your social channels buzzing with activity. Schedule posts, automate responses, and get insights to enhance your social media presence.

Automated Customer Support

Be available for your customers 24/7 without any extra effort. Our AI-powered chatbot will handle customer queries effectively, reducing your support cost and improving customer satisfaction.

Expand Your Team with 32 AI Agents & Coders

Multiply your business capabilities with the support of 32 AI agents. From legal advisors to SEO experts, accountants to software developers, get a diverse range of specialized assistance at your fingertips.


What’s Agency Program?

Joining our Agency Program gives you exclusive access to our AI-powered platform and all its advanced features.  A platform designed to empower entrepreneurs like you to start their own AI Automation Agency. With our extensive selection of AI tools and services, you can provide unparalleled solutions to your clients, helping them thrive in the digital world. Not only can you offer your clients top-tier services in content creation, social media management, and customer service, but you also benefit from.


Your Plan Will Come With…

Unbranded Panel

Present the AI solutions as your own with our unbranded panel, maintaining your agency’s branding and identity.

Free Hosting

Cut down your operational costs with our free hosting service.

Special Unique Plugins

Enhance your functionality and streamline your processes with our suite of unique plugins.

Dedicated Account Manager

Get personalized and prompt assistance whenever you need with a dedicated account manager.

Special CRM for Lead Generation

Stay ahead of your competition with our Special CRM, designed to identify and manage potential leads effectively.

Future Free Updates

Stay ahead of the curve with our regular, free updates. We constantly evolve our AI solutions to meet the dynamic needs of the industry.

Special Video Courses

Master the art of AI-driven solutions with our informative and engaging video courses.

All Features in the Business Plan

Access all the perks of our Business plan including boosting your team with 32 AI agents, priority email & chat support and more.

Profit Calculator

Calculate Your Potential Earnings with Our Profit Calculator

Number of Clients

* Monthly 3 Clients.

Subscription Type

Monthly Profit:

$1,491.00 /month.

3 clients x $497

10% discount applied to annual contracts

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If you're interested in a SAAS license with over 100 servers, please contact our sales agent for a custom quote based on your needs.

Yearly Profit:

$17,892.00 /year.

3 clients x $497 x 12 months

10% discount applied to annual contracts

Contact Us

If you're interested in a SAAS license with over 100 servers, please contact our sales agent for a custom quote based on your needs.


Join the Movement – Evolve Your Agency

The future of agency operations is here. BizWith.AI’s Agency Program allows you to embrace the transformative power of AI, offering innovative and efficient solutions to your clients. Bolster your portfolio, outshine your competition, and catalyze your agency’s growth.


Embrace the future. Evolve with BizWith.AI

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